Results are super important to everyone but it is important to understand the many different types of results achieved from an internet marketing campaign.There are many different ways to measure the results from a SEO internet marketing campaign such as :


  • Brand exposure: Being seen when searching for many different keywords adds huge value.
  • Having keywords on the 1st page of Google and Yahoo
  • Having more traffic
  • Having more traffic from more keywords

Our SEO.SIMPLE.™ strategy is TWO fold: More traffic from more keywords AND higher keyword ranking position.

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More Traffic From More Keywords

As you look through some of our client results below you will notice that many receive traffic from hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of keywords. Before we start work on a client it is normal that they are only see traffic from fifteen to twenty different keywords. After about five or six months the number of keywords delivering traffic sky-rockets. The more keywords that you receive traffic from, the higher your brand exposure. The value of this exposure is invaluable, and eventually people will start to say, “we see you everywhere.” Results are achieved in this area because we use content based SEO. You will not receive these type of results from conventional SEO internet marketing campaigns, which is what most SEO companies offer.

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Higher Keyword Ranking Position

We focus on this traditional results area because it is still true that the higher you rank for a keyword, the more traffic you will receive. However, instead of just ranking you for 5 to 10 keywords (an industry norm), our SEO.SIMPLE.™ internet marketing package often delivers you ranking results for 30 or more keywords. It is not unusual for our clients to see 1st page Google ranking for over 70 keywords! We attribute our exceptional results from what we call “keyword meshing”. This is only ever seen when you use content based SEO methods.


Take the time to look through our client results below. This is just a small sample – we have lots more.