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SEO Service Singapore

We are YOUR Asian #1 Content Based SEO Ranking and Web Design Company. Singapore based, we care for clients locally and globally – We focus on making the Web Work Wonders for you.

We create SEO magic for you by :

  • Putting you on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo! and other search engines
  • Creating SEO Blogs and SEO Content for you with our – SEO.SIMPLE. service
  • Creating great well designed SEO Websites
  • Maintaining your existing websites

Why we do what we do

We do what we do because we get a huge buzz from seeing our clients at the top – where they usually end up. It takes a huge amount of focus on the details to get top results in Google for many clients across countless different industries – this challenge drives us forward.


Our company was founded by David Anttony, a 28 year IT veteran and serial entrepreneur, born in the UK but lived most of his life in Australasia. David is still hands on in the company ensuring the magic is always present in all that we do. He started his IT career as a COBOL computer programmer back in the computing dark ages when mainframes were King and IBM thought the PC had no future. His career; spanning three continents, seven countries and several industries while creating 7 companies from nothing in five different industries in three different countries, gives him the skill to lead a great team and an unique company so you can reach the top of the search rankings.

Our SEO Team

Our TWENTY ONE FOUR person in-house team brings our business, web design, SEO and IT knowledge into play to support your success with Google and other search engines.

See our larger photos on our SEO home page.

We do all our SEO work in house. Nothing is subcontracted.

Our SEO team manages all our clients website and SEO needs including: SEO Consultancy, website design, content article writing, copy writing, copy editing, SEO media releases and full SEO onsite optimisation.

Global SEO Company

Magic Webs has physical offices in Singapore and Baguio City, Philippines and a representative office in Hong Kong.

Being Singapore based means we are a perfect SEO partner for any company in Asia, Europe and Australasia because of the great currency exchange rates, English language use, highly competitive Asian product service rates, and the easy time zone difference.  Being a web-based solution, time and distance are no barriers for us to provide quality SEO service creating ongoing SEO results.

We practice 100% white hat methods and follow all of Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Giving Forward

Buy1Give1 giving
As a business we do not believe that we exist in isolation. To this end we feel it is very important to give.

We give because we can. We give for no other reason than wanting to create something great for someone else who may not be as fortunate as us today. We are a secular based business yet we still care.

Traditional charity giving has never been that attractive to us because we are not able to share the giving with you as our customers who is  in fact the one doing the giving! Without your support we cannot give.

We have teamed up with an internationally focused organisation called Buy1GIVE1 which is based in Singapore. Their uniqueness lies in what they call transaction-based giving. So when you as one of our clients purchases our services, children in need are directly supported with education.

Now every time you invest in your SEO or Web design with us, a child in need is directly supported with education and food anywhere from a month to a whole year. We support two main projects right now, one a slum school in Mumbai, India, the other an AIDS orphanage in Chennai . As one of our customers you are involved in the flow of giving because each time you invest in your SEO children are supported – a unique value add.

Any business can be a part of Buy1GIVE1 – you should rock on over to their site and find out more.  You can ring them on +65 6898 2446 to find out more in person.