Which CMS To Use

Which CMS To Use

Why It’s Important To Take The Time To Select Which CMS To Use For A New Website

What is CMS? CMS stands for Content Management System. This system helps you to create, manage and publish content in a site. It also enables you to manage the structure and the appearance of your site. With a CMS you won’t need to worry about coding or developing a site from nothing. Using a CMS will help you in your site’s life cycle.


Are There Different CMSs? Which CMS To Use For SEO?

SEO is about content, and so using an SEO ready and content-focused CMS is important. There are different CMSs and unfortunately not all CMSs are created to be SEO focused. You will know that your CMS is SEO focused if it has the following characteristics:

1. The CMS allows URL rewrites. Other CMSs feature Dynamic URLs that have funny characters %$#@** after a URL. Search engines want to limit the URLs they index and exclude dynamic URLs. Search engines prefer URLs rewritten with words, thus, your CMS should allow you to create a URL where you can incorporate your search keywords, such as www.yourdomain.com/yourkeyword instead of www.yourdomain.com/#$%*&

3. The CMS allows for search engine friendly design. Not because your web page looks and feel good means you can have a ranking website. Remember, search spiders do not see the page, they see what is lying under the page. CSS based layout, for example, makes a page easily crawlable for spiders and easy to understand for humans.

Avoid Mistakes On Which CMS To Use

SEO efforts can be wasted if the wrong CMS is used. Prepare to use the right CMS first before starting with the SEO campaign so no effort is wasted. Remember, your SEO success will depend on a solid structure. Take time to build this solid structure first before proceeding with any further SEO work on your website.