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SEO Website Design

Don’t Get Flagged By Google – 3 Tactics That An SEO Website Design Company Should Not Do

As a website owner, you only want one thing, and that is to rank high on Google. But you have to understand that not all SEO tactics are acceptable to Google. In fact, Google can flag your site and blacklist it from the searches if they see that you are manipulating PageRank the unnatural way. Before signing up with an SEO Website Design Singapore vendor, it is important to go over the SEO principles which your vendor upholds.

Ethical SEO Means The SEO Website Design SingaporeVendor Does Not Buy Links

In February this year, Google Webmaster sent a notification to webmaster / site owner about potential activity that it engages in with other sites for the purpose of manipulating PageRank. This activity is buying links. Google does not tolerate link buying, nor does it tolerate link exchange, for the purpose of rising to the rankings. Link buying is a blatant infringement of Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Still many SEO companies include link buying into their SEO proposal for you. If you see this, stay away from that company. Link buying will get you to the top very fast, but it will also pull you down very fast. In fact, there is one SEO company that takes away the purchased links from the client’s website once the client terminates the contract. You can imagine the drastic plummet in rankings for this client.

SEO Website Design Singapore: The WYSIWYG Principle

WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. This is a common term for content management systems, which we can borrow to refer to how Google prefers your website to appear. Google wants transparency. Your website has to show Google what you would actually show your human visitors when they get to your site.

For this reason, Google has even recently announced indexing AJAX based contact forms to glean whatever information that is there that has been hidden in the past. Nothing is ever hidden before Google now.

The Right SEO Website Design Company Aligns With Google

Google has put an end to confusion about SEO when it said that SEO is not Spam. SEO helps businesses get promoted. SEO provides consumers more options for the products and services they can avail online. That is, if the SEO is built based on relevant content that provide factual and accurate information to consumers.

Website owners must remember that Google favours the consumers. Google upholds the interest of the searchers. There is going to be a constant crackdown of contents that are not relevant, or that do not help the consumers. So if you are the website owner, stay on the safe side, and team up with a company that aligns its SEO and web design principles with Google.