Google Block All Results

Google Block All Results

Google Block All Results: Feature From Google

When searching Google for different sites, you might notice that you are going back to the same website when you are typing keywords related to that search. You might find this irritating especially if that site has poor content or insufficient information. Google block all resultscan help you fix and minimize this problem. With this Google feature, you can now filter the results that appear when you use the Google search engine. Let us dive deeper and understand this Google feature.


How To Use Google Block All Results

Google Block All Results Feature can be seen immediately when you are using Google’s search engine. You can see it below the URL of the site in the Google search results.

Google Block All Results Feature

Google Block All Results Feature

There are two ways to access this feature, just follow these easy steps:

1st way:

• Click on the link below the URL of the search results
• This will automatically block the site when you search

2nd way:

• Go to the options menu in your Google Page
• Click on Search Settings to see advanced options for your searches
Google Block All Results Search Settings
• Click block unwanted sites
• Once you are forwarded to the “Manage Block Sites” screen, just input the URL of the site that you want to block, you may also place a reason for blocking the site

Benefits Of Google Block All Results

This feature will give the users the control over their web search using Google. This will make search results more user-friendly and personalized for the users.

Although, the domains which people block are not included in a site’s ranking, Google will still check the data and see whether it would be useful in evaluating search results in the future.

This feature has been available since March this year. Only a few people are utilizing it because some just ignores the search results that they do not want. However, it is still best to know something that might help us especially if we are seeing annoying and low quality search results.