SEO Plugins WordPress

SEO Plugins WordPress

Why SEO Plugins WordPress Are Important

We all know how easy it is to use and install WordPress on our sites. WordPress is being used by lots of developers and site owners because it’s easy to change the look and feel of the site through the themes and it’s also easy to add functionalities to the site through plugins. These features make it easy for site owners to personalize and modify their sites. Another available feature is the installation of SEO Plugins WordPress. These plugins, when installed, can increase the traffic and ranking of sites or blogs.

I have already shared some SEO Plugins for WordPress in my previous article. However, here are more plugins that might help you increase your traffic and search engine ranking.

Other SEO Plugins WordPress For Your Site

Hyper Cache – You might have lots of visitors and a great deal of traffic because of a great job in SEO or you chose Magic Webs as your SEO provider, however sometimes it’s possible that your site will crash because all of these visitors overloaded your server. Hyper Cache can help you solve this problem. This plugin auto cleans the system to reduce the disk usage and caches different pages to reduce the chances of data overload for the server.

Akismet – Spam is a problem for a lot of blogs especially when the functionality to add comments and suggestions is switched on. Having spam is a security issue for the blog because of the links that are shared in your site or blog by spammers. Akismet can help you stop and control spam. This plugin is already included in a WordPress installation. You just need to provide and get the Akismet API Key to activate it. Once activated, this plugin can effectively remove and mark spams that are posted in your site or blog.

SI Captcha Anti Spam – While Akismet is great in controlling and removing spam, you need to have something that could prevent it. Captcha is the best way to prevent robots and spam from coming to your site or blog. Captcha can protect your forms—i.e. comment forms, submission forms, subscription forms, etc.– from malicious scripts and automatically generated spam. This plugin adds security and is fully compatible with Akismet.

All of these plugins are readily available on the internet. Don’t wait for problems to happen before installing these plugins. Preventing problems can save you a lot of time rather than fixing them.