SEO Plugins For WordPress

SEO Plugins For WordPress

The Importance Of SEO Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System that is widely used by sites and blogs available in the web today. WordPress has the capability to create user and SEO friendly sites. I have already given you some tips on WordPress and its plugins in my previous article about WordPress SEO. Here are more SEO Plugins for WordPress that you might find useful to increase your site’s traffic and ranking.

Additional SEO Plugins For WordPress

All-in-One SEO Pack – Your site can’t do without this plugin. This plugin enables you to create meta tags and optimize your blog in a very user friendly and easy way. From installation to usage, this plugin will not give you a hard time.

Google Sitemap Generator – This plugin enables the auto generation of sitemaps for your site. This will make it much easier for Google to search and index your blog or site. With this plugin, you can expect an increase in traffic and ranking.

Increase Your Traffic With SEO Plugins For WordPress

Now that you are increasing your rank in Google through these plugins, here are more plugins that may help you get more traffic.

Google Plusone(+1) Button – A plugin that enables you to place +1 buttons on your site. With this feature, you will allow your site to have this trending Google feature which will give your visitors an opportunity to +1 your site.

Facebook Like Button For WordPress – This plugin is similar to Google Plusone(+1) the only difference is, instead of adding +1 to your site, you are adding the famous ‘Like’ button. This will, not only allow your users to like your page, but also allow them to share your page on their Facebook profile.

WP Tweet Button – Twitter can dramatically increase the popularity of your site. With this Twitter Plugin, you will allow your post to be twitted on different twitter accounts to increase your site’s popularity.

These plugins can help you attract more visitors to your site, thus more customers and revenue for you. You can include all or none of these plugins, it is really up to you. Just consider what you really want on your site before installing these plugins.

There are more SEO Plugins WordPress that might help you increase your site’s visitors and traffic. Try searching Google or WordPress for plugins that might help you in creating your site.