Quality Link Building Tips For Your Online Business

Quality Link Building Tips For Your Online Business

If you have an ongoing optimization campaign, you want to achieve domination on your chosen keywords through quality link building. I’m talking here about sites to create profiles, things such as WordPress, things like Blogger, Weebly and Tumblr. These are sites that enable you to join, create a profile and make up a page online and then once you’ve created that page online, you can link back to in places you want.

Certain search engines are still planning to abide by it though, Yahoo! and Bing. There is still benefit for getting those links through link building packages and I also wouldn’t not create a link based on the undeniable fact that it is not followed.

It is almost like you are building another little network of web sites that want to have full control over. It is like a cheap method of building your own personal network today. As opposed to heading out and registering another five to ten domain names and building them as mini authorities, you should use web 2.0 options to do that as soon as possible.

Because of these blogging platforms, I should probably offer you a good example of one. Posterous, for example, is one I have begun to play around with. There is a whole host of these providers who can help you do these to help your website promotion efforts.

An example is my David Jenyns account on Posterous. I’m using this one even if I am building backlinks through quality link building since this is my very own personal blog. I’m utilizing it more for branding purposes. You can create posts on here and link to your content. That’s just what I am talking about by web 2.0 style site to promote your site.

Sign up for ten profiles, create at least one little bit of content on those ten profiles and link it to your site. Then I would link it back and embed YouTube videos. Then the rest of them send back to your money page, send to your Ezine page and that starts the whole link building activity there.

It’s almost like your personal blog network effectively. It’s as if you control this network. Therefore I would send links everywhere. The main reason I mainly send to Ezine and my site and YouTube is because of the way we log where our links are. We use a spreadsheet of the way that people log all this. We do not actually log, it is going to be tough to log these second tier article directories. It’s very difficult to log blog networks, it’s very difficult to log one hundred word posts. Because we are not logging where those URLs are, it’s hard for all of us to construct links for them.

Currently, there is a service called Link Wheel for quality link building that will go on and setup these profiles to suit your needs. Just give them the keywords that you would like to optimize for, they’ll get one of their team to debate, sign you up with a free account on twenty different blogging platforms. They’ll set up an item of content for you, they’ll link returning to the web pages which you inform them you’d like them to connect to and they’ll embed the recording and they’ll do all of it to suit your needs. They’ll send you an Excel spreadsheet with everything else listed down with all the sign in details. It is approximately $200, still worth it if you are in for getting quality backlinks.