Buying Links

Buying Links

Watch Out For Your SEO Company Buying LinksFor You

Even received a warning from Google on selling links from their site. Early this year, Google Webmaster sent a letter stating that it has detected that some if not all pages on the site are using techniques which are not passing Google’s quality standards; further, and more particularly, Google directed to look for artificial or unnatural links on their site pointing to other sites that could be intended to manipulate PageRank. This has proven once again that Buying Links is not a stable SEO strategy.


Buying Links Versus Building Stable Links

We have clients who came to us from a previous SEO company that bought links for them. While this strategy skyrocketed them to the rankings in so short a time, after our clients ended the contract with this former SEO company to shift to us, their rankings drastically plummeted. This is because their former SEO company took away the links which they placed on their site. This is the effect of unnatural link building activity. This is also the clear disadvantage to clients of engaging the services of an SEO company that does not know SEO the way Google appreciates.

Our SEO.Simple. strategy uses content-based SEO for stable link building. Our human article writers do the hard work of researching about products and services and writing informative content about these products and services to be distributed to many websites and to site owners on the web so they can link back to us according to their own discretion. Good articles generate quality backlinks. Good articles are the price we pay for backlinks.

So If Really Likes Your Site, You Don’t Have To Be Buying Links From Them!

We have heard of SEO strategies that even include contacting Oprah for a link and you can imagine the dollars these SEO companies are asking clients to spend just for this link. The truth is, Oprah can and might give you the link if she so likes. But you have to earn it, not buy it.

We are happy to say that our clients benefit from our permanent and stable backlinking strategy. We are amazed to see some clients still ranking on Google months after we have stopped actively doing SEO for them. That is the power of stable links for you.